Are Thermal Imaging Devices in General Public Use Yet? (2014 Edition)

Four years ago, I had a long post on whether thermal imaging devices are in general public use, which, according to dicta in Kyllo v. United States, might enable the police to use them on a home without triggering a Fourth Amendment search. At the time, single-point infra-red temperature sensors started at about $50, and the full-camera thermal imaging devices started around $2,000.

In light of that post, I thought I would flag the introduction of the Flir One, a full-camera thermal imaging device that slips onto an iPhone 5 or 5s and will sell for $350.

Meanwhile, single-point temperature sensors are now available for only $17.99.

I’ll re-ask my questions from 2010: Can the police use these devices now without a warrant? Are either the single-point or full-camera infrared imaging devices now in “general public use”? And if they’re not in general public use now, when will they be?

Thanks to reader Brady B for the link.

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