Mauritanian Convicted of Apostasy

AllAfrica and The Malay Mail Online, as well as other outlets, so report. From AllAfrica:

A young Muslim man in Mauritania is facing a possible death sentence after being convicted of apostasy and jailed for having written an article criticising the prophet Mohammed, a judicial source said … He … “was convicted of lack of respect for the prophet,” and jailed, the source told AFP.

The author of the article will be brought before a judge and given the chance to repent but if he refuses, “he risks the death penalty,” the source added.

The author apparently “questioned the decisions taken by Islam’s prophet and his companions during the holy wars,” as well accusing Mauritanian society “of perpetuating ‘a sinful social order'” and and “marginali[zing] and discriminat[ing] against [many Mauritanians] from birth.”

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