Upcoming Talks

I have a few upcoming talks that are open to the public and may be of interest to VC readers.

  • On January 21, at noon, I will be speaking at the National Constitution Center’s “Affordable Care Act Town Hall” with Simon Lazarus of the Constitutional Accountability Center.  Jeff Rosen will moderate our discussion of continuing legal controversies surrounding the ACA and its implementation.  This podcast offers a bit of a preview. Registration details here.
  • On January 30, at noon, I will be speaking on ACA implementation before the Cleveland Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society. Details to follow.
  • On January 31, at noon, I will be speaking on “The Conspiracy Against Obamacare: How Academic Bloggers Influenced the Legal Battle Over the Individual Mandate” at the Public Affairs Discussion Group, sponsored by the Center for Policy Studies at CWRU.

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