Blogosphere Challenge -- The Final Links:
Last week I asked the prowar blogosphere to respond to three questions I had about Iraq. Here are the three questions:
First, assuming that you were in favor of the invasion of Iraq at the time of the invasion, do you believe today that the invasion of Iraq was a good idea? Why/why not?

Second, what reaction do you have to the not-very-upbeat news coming of Iraq these days, such as the stories I link to above?

Third, what specific criteria do you recommend that we should use over the coming months and years to measure whether the Iraq invasion has been a success?
I asked these questions because I wanted to foster dialogue about the war among those with different takes on the war. I figured I would start with the prowar side, get the prowar folks to blog on the kinds of questions that war skeptics have, and then respond with another round of questions.

  I posted the first set of responses (about 35 altogether) in a post you can access here. The remainder of the responses are linked to below in the order I received them:
House of the Dog
Cuz We Said So
The Dead Parrot Society
Right Reason
Heathens, Inc.
Fifth Column
Trigger Finger
Tiger Hawk
Inside Larry's Head
Jeff the Baptist
Adjoran in the Arena
Four Right Wing Wackos
The TrimBlog
Political Junky
In the Loop
Full Context
Sue Bob's Diary
Hootsbuddy's Place
Winds of Change
Dangerous Dan
The 80/20 Club
Ogre's Politics & Views
Broken Quanta
Greg's Opinion
Dr. Strangeblog
The Graffiti on the Wall
Lockjaws Lair
The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
JDAMs Away
Its not a Bug, its a Feature
For crying out loud
Stromata Blog
Rite Wing TechnoPagan
  My plan is to read through these answers and post some follow-up questions in a few days. Stay tuned. In the meantime, thanks again to everyone who participated.