MS Word -- Forcing a Picture to the Top of a Page:

Another request for MS Word help (with many thanks again to those who had responded to early requests): I need to insert some pictures into my document. Usually, pictures in Word go to a fixed place within the document, for instance between two paragraphs. Unfortunately, if the picture takes up, say, 2/3 of a page, then if it starts 1/3 of the way down a page or later, Word skips the rest of the page, so it can the picture at the start of the next page.

I'd like to do what one often sees in printed books -- a picture is forced to the top of a page, and the text wraps around it. That means the picture is no longer sure to be in between a couple of paragraphs, but that's fine; I can just refer to the picture by its figure number (if I include such a caption), or some other way. The important thing is that I don't get all that unnecessary white space just because the picture can't fit in one particular place in the middle of a page and therefore has to be moved to the top of the next page.

Any suggestions? Please post them to the comments. Many thanks!