Windmills v. Birds:

The irony: Environmentalists are suing wind power generators because their windmills kill birds.


May apologies, apparently the link is only available to subscribers (and since I subscribe, I was able to link through on my computer). Sorry--that's the first time I tried to link to that source.

The nonfunctioning link did generate this amusing email from a reader, however:

You mention the irony of environmentalists suing over windmills because they kill birds (no surprise or news there, honestly). Sadly, the link you gave does not work (the article is for subscribers only), hence I went to Google and entered the phrase in your post - "Environmentalists are suing wind power" - in the hopes of finding the article through the search engine. Google helpfully suggested: Did you mean: Environmentalists are using wind power

if you didn't know any better, you might think google believes it's ridiculous that environmentalists might sue wind power...