Terms That Have Become Unmoored from Their Etymology in Our Memory:

The classic examples are "dialing a phone number" (or dial tone), "cc" when used on e-mail (originally "carbon copy"), "it's your dime" (or, older, "your nickel"), and "E-ticket ride" (though that's less common); there surely are many more.

I mention this because I noticed a future candidate: "Stay tuned," used on a blog. It still hasn't fully departed from its original etymology, since many people still use radios. The blog usage is thus just the first step of the process, which is adaptation to a new environment, where the etymological meaning is no longer the literal one. But people will shift more and more to network-based "radio" reception, tuning will become a thing of the past, but "stay tuned" (for text as well as for sound) will remain.