Civil Liberties and the War on Terror Abroad:
The New York Times has an interesting article today on measures being taken by foreign governments against Muslim preachers who are advocating violence and hatred of the West. The article focuses on laws and enforcement practices in Britain, Italy, Australia, and Canada.

  The very end of the story mentions a recent poll in the Globe and Mail on attitudes toward the war on terrorism among Canadians. The poll produced the following results:
What measures for the war on terrorism do Canadians support?

Deporting or jailing anyone who publicly supports terrorists or suicide bombers.

Oppose/strongly oppose: 15%
Strongly support/support: 81%
Don't know: 4%

Having video cameras in all public places.

Oppose/strongly oppose: 25%
Strongly support/support: 72%
Don't know: 2%

Giving the U.S. any information it requests about Canadian citizens whom they suspect of being terrorists.

Oppose/strongly oppose: 33%
Strongly support/support: 62%
Don't know: 5%