Testing the Influence of a Chief Justice:

A couple of weeks ago I suggested a research project on using Rehnquist's periodic absences from the bench this year as an opportunity to test the influence of the Chief Justice by comparing results in cases over which Rehnquist presided versus those over which Stevens presided as acting Chief to see whether there is any systematic differences in the outcomes depending on the presiding Chief.

Professor Frank Cross of Texas has decided to take up the challenge and is going to do some empirical work along these lines. The first step is to try to determine the exact dates and cases over which Stevens presided during the past term and those arguments over which Rehnquist presided. Does anyone have that information, or does anyone know where that information can be found and coded easily? This seems like something that an appellate shop somewhere may have collected already if they are willing to share it.

If you have any Comments you can post them here or contact Frank directly at University of Texas.

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