Dumbest Fashion Trends:

Long term: Who would have thought that twenty years after I, as a teenager, thought it looked cool to put my baseball cap on backwards (was it a Beastie Boys thing? Who remembers...), that youths, and even some adults (saw a guy in his 30s yesterday), would still be doing it (though there seemed to be a break for a time in the late '80s and mid '90s). Folks, the bill is on the front for reason, to shade your face from the sun. And it's soooo unclassy. Can you imagine Cary Grant wearing a backwards baseball cap? Please ladies, boycott the gents who wear the cap backwards, or at least tell them how silly it looks, and end this travesty for good. Perhaps a simple, "you know, David Bernstein had that look twenty years ago," will do.

Short term: The half cardigan. Why on earth would you wear a sweater that only keeps the upper half of your torso covered? Every time I see this, it looks to me like someone's great aunt died before she could finish the sweater she was knitting for her beloved niece, but the niece wears it anyway as a tribute.

Disclaimer: Snarky comments about how I'm not exactly a fashion god will be deleted!