Katrina Blog:

Ballardvale Research has posted a list of "Best Practices" for the Top 30 College/University Crisis Management Responses to Hurricane Katrina.

Dartmouth, Duke, and MIT are singled out as exemplary in their response. Dartmouth established a Katrina blog for those displaced by the hurricane, and those trying to locate victims of the hurricane here. A blog is a useful way in a situation like this of centralizing dispersed information in an interactive way from individuals searching for one another when communications are sporadic (Ballardville calls it a "down and dirty" repsonse). MIT, interestingly and appropriately enough, created a message board for contributing engineering ideas for responding to the crisis.

What a difference from the old days when I was a kid and the tv would interrupt my afternoon cartoons do its "test of the emergency broadcasting system"!


I am told that the old emergency broadcasting signal is still around--I guess my ignorance is yet another way in which TiVo has changed the way in which I watch television.