Bush's Second Pick May Be Announced Friday,
according to CNN. From the story:
  President Bush could announce his next Supreme Court pick as early as Friday, a day after John Roberts is expected to be confirmed as chief justice, administration officials close to the process told CNN Monday.
  Bush earlier in the day hinted he was leaning toward a woman or minority candidate.
  "I am mindful that diversity is one of the strengths of the country," he said. "I have interviewed people in the past and thought about people from all walks of life."
  Bush did not indicate when he might submit his pick, although the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said it could come Friday.
  The Senate is expected to vote to confirm Roberts as chief justice on Thursday.
  The sources also confirmed the search is focused on women and minorities.
  So the long conference was today, the Roberts vote is scheduled for Thursday, the second nominee may be announced Friday, and the new Term officially starts on Monday. Talk about a busy week for Supreme Court geeks. Hat tip: Howard.