"Cut Through the B.S. And Provide A Framework":
A commenter to an earlier post on the Miers nomination makes the following suggestion:
  It is very sad to see the Conspirators become overwhelmed with repeating and highlighting speculation and opinion, a la talking heads on cable news, as this Miers nomination has gone forward. None of the complaints over the past week or so amount to anything of substance, just people picking through evidence looking to highlight the story line of the day. * * * Time for someone here to cut through the B.S. and provide a framework to think about this that isn't completely inane and emotive.
  The difficulty, I think, is that there isn't much framework to a Senate confirmation other than how the 100 Senators will choose to vote. And we know so little about Miers — and what the Senators think of Miers — that there really isn't much to chew on except the story line of the day. Anyway, I apologize if I have bored readers with too many Miers posts; I think it's a fascinating and extremely important topic, but I realize others may be bored with it.