More Evidence of the Miers Tipping Point:
Krauthammer is giving exit advice, new questions have arisen about the Senate questionnaire, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page weighs in:
  Although skeptical from the start, we've restrained our criticism of the Harriet Miers nomination because we've long believed that Presidents of either party deserve substantial deference on their Supreme Court picks. Yet it now seems clear--even well before her Senate hearings--that this selection has become a political blunder of the first order.
  Thanks to Bench Memos and Confirmthem for the links.

  UPDATE: In a sign that the common wisdom may have shifted — or, if you prefer, a sign that the market hath spoken — or, perhaps, a sign of nothing at all — Tradesports betting on Miers today has the chances of her being confirmed in the 20% range, down about 40 points from yesterday.

  ANOTHER UPDATE: And then there is this news from the New York Sun, via Howard:
  [A]t least one conservative senator is said to have asked White House officials yesterday to withdraw the nominee's name because of a growing lack of enthusiasm for Ms. Miers among Republicans in the Senate.
  "I don't know exactly what was asked, but displeasure was expressed," a source familiar with the White House strategy on judicial nominees said. "The White House responded that it would do no such thing."

  AND ANOTHER: I gather the typos in her questionnaire aren't helping, either. Normally such nits are irrelevant, of course, but they make you wonder.