Third Circuit Judges to Testify for Alito:
Seven current and former Third Circuit colleagues of Judge Alito have been scheduled to testify on Alito's behalf to give the Senate an "insider's view" of how Alito decides cases. The list includes Judges Edward Becker, Maryanne Trump Barry, Ruggero Aldisert, Leonard I. Garth, John Gibbons and Timothy Lewis. From the Washington Post:
  [Judge] Becker is a longtime friend of Specter and Alito, and was key to assembling the group, Specter said. He said he asked Becker last year whether he "would feel comfortable testifying" for Alito. Becker eventually agreed, Specter said, and then recruited the others.
  Specter said the seven might not limit their remarks to Alito, but use the televised forum to explain judicial issues that get blurred in partisan fights over nominees. A judge takes an oath "to decide cases on the law and the facts," not on political beliefs, Specter said. "They can explain that."
  On a personal note, I am particularly eager to hear Judge Garth's testimony. I had the tremendous honor of clerking for Judge Garth in 1997-98, and he knows Judge Alito not only as a colleague for 15 years on the Third Circuit but also as one of his former law clerks (1976-1977, I think).