Mad Bad Vlad:

A misogynistic anti-Condi Rice rant by Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky reminded me of this other item from 1993 (quote verified via the Times of London):

"I've had several blood tests and there is no Jewish blood in me, not even 5 per cent."

The Times aptly characterized this by saying, "He formally denied that he was Jewish in nonsensical terms which only served to betray his obsession with the subject." (Some years later, Zhirinovksy admitted that his father was indeed Jewish.) Another reason to like Rice — anyone who annoys Zhirinovsky gets extra points in my book.

Thanks to Ann Althouse and InstaPundit for the pointer.

UPDATE: Here's the Russian interview. Zhirinovsky, it turns out, also writes: "The civilized world should think and decide whether unmarried political leaders should be forbidden from coming to power. Now in the Soviet system this was all developed to an A+ level. Leading positions were open only to family people, free from inferiority complexes." And a lovely bunch of family people they were.

FURTHER UPDATE: Clayton Cramer has a suitably snide (well, beyond snide) comment on this.