Two New LawProf Group Blogs:
I'm happy to announce the arrival of two new lawprof group blogs:

  The first is the Empirical Legal Studies blog, which was launched just yesterday:
  The ELS blog is a collaborative project produced by Professor Jason Czarnezki of the Marquette University Law School, Professors Michael Heise and Theodore Eisenberg of the Cornell Law School, and William Ford, Bigelow Fellow and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago Law School. . . . .
  The ELS blog serves as an online forum to discuss and provide links for emerging empirical legal scholarship, provide conference updates, discuss empirical claims that have emerged in public and political discourse, facilitate discussion for guest empirical scholars and assess current empirical findings and methodologies.
  The second is the International Economic Law and Policy Blog, which was launched in January:
  This blog offers commentary on current developments and scholarship in the field of international economic law and policy. It was started in January 2006 by Joel Trachtman and, and is managed by with contributions by the authors listed on the main page of the blog. [Those contributors are] Tomer Broude, Steve Charnovitz, Sungjoon Cho, Bill Davey, Jeff Dunoff, Rob Howse, Petros Mavroidis, Joost Pauwelyn, Joanne Scott, Greg Shaffer, Debra Steger, Paul Stephan, Chantal Thomas, Joel Trachtman, and Todd Weiler.