Term Limits for Thee, But Not (In the End) For Me:
The USA Today has a report on seven House Republicans who ran in favor of term limits and swore that they would only serve a set number of Terms — only to realize, after they themselves had served those Terms, that term limits are actually a bad idea. All seven are breaking their pledges and running for reelection.

  I happen to agree that term limits are a bad idea, and I thought so even when it was out of fashion. But it's pretty pathetic to run on them when they help you and run aganst them when they hurt you. As John Miller puts it: "Each one of them exploited popular sentiment about term limits for personal gain; they are now becoming what they once railed against."

  Here is the list of the seven Representatives:

Barbara Cubin, Wyoming
Jeff Flake, Arizona
Gil Gutknecht, Minnesota
Timothy Johnson, Illinois
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Mark Souder, Indiana
Zach Wamp, Tennessee

  According to USA Today, none of the seven faces serious opposition in their reelection campaigns.