Truly Remarkable Thing I Saw on Israeli Television:

I couldn't believe my ears, so I asked my Israeli companions to translate, in case I was completely miscomprehending (my Hebrew isn't great), but they confirmed it. I was watching a show about life in Israeli prisons, and it eventually reached a segment about a wing of an Israeli prison where they incarcerate Arab women who planned suicide murder bombings, but were caught before they could do so.

So what does Israel do with these women? Lock them up and throw away the key? Torture them? Even as a supporter of Israel, I wouldn't have been surprised by either of the above, given what I read about Israel in the English-language media.

In fact, however, the segment was about how many of these women were having children, who were being raised in the prison. These women were not pregnant when they were caught. How did they get pregnant? Abusive rape by prison guards? Nope. Israel allows them conjugal visits. The segment showed decked-out cribs awaiting new priosners' babies, and also had interviews with some of the women, who proclaimed that they were sorry they didn't get to murder any Jews and that they planned to raise their children to be suicide murderers.

While the Western media loves to play up themes of Israeli militarism, questionable human rights practices, etc., the above story suggests (and I plan a post on another example soon) no shortage of the worst types of Scandinavian-style leftism.