Sunday Song Lyric:
There are scads of songs about drugs, and even more that were influenced by the drug habits of their writers, composers, and performers. Some celebrate drug-induced highs, while others lament the horrors of dependence and addiction. Marijuana and heroin seem to be particular favorites for songwriters and musicians — the latter of which is responsible for its fair share of musical casualties. No wonder they are referenced in so many songs.

There are not so many songs about ritalin, however. Perhaps this is because so few musicians have direct experience with it. (Or perhaps because they have retired by the time they consider ritalin for their kids.) Given the controversy over whether ritalin is over-prescribed, it's certainly a worthy song subject.

I don't know what inspired Chevelle to write "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)," but it is clearly an anti-ritalin tune. I like the song, but do not know enough about ritalin to endorse the message. (For those interested Michael Fumento makes a powerful defense of ritalin here; and see responses here). It also does not hurt that Chevelle puts on a forceful live show, and this song was a highlight of their set when I saw them last summer.

The video for "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" is available on Chevelle's website (registration required). The lyrics are below:

Some will learn, many do
Cover up or spread it out
Turn around had enough
Pick and choose or pass it on
Buying in heading for
Suffer now or suffer then
It's bad enough, I want the fear
Need the fear cause he's alone
And he has become

Well if they're making it, making it
Then they're pushing it, pushing it
And they're leading us along
The hassle of, hassle of
All the screaming fits, screaming fits
That panic makes remorse

After all, what's the point
Course levitation is possible
If you're a fly, achieved and gone
There's time for this and so much more
It's typical create a world
A special place of my design
To never cope or never care
Just use the key cause he's alone

Over and over a slave became
Over and over a slave became
Over and over a slave became
Over and over it's slave

Well if they're making it
Then they're pushing it
And they're leading us a long
The hassle of
All the screaming fits
That panic held before
Will if they making it
And they're pushing it
And they're leading us along
Like a cancer caused
All the screaming fits
And their panic makes remorse