What Israel is and is Not Attacking in Lebanon:

To read the average American newspaper, much less lefty blogs or French government pronouncements (link corrected), you would think Israel is indiscriminately attacking Lebanon's civilian infrastructure. Ze'ev Schiff of Ha'aretz (a well-respected military analyst with excellent sources) has the facts, as of this morning Israel time:

"The Israel Air Force focused its attacks in Lebanon on Thursday against long-range Iranian Fajr 3 and 4 missiles, and succeeded in hitting some that were hidden in camouflaged bunkers. The missiles have a range that can reach Haifa and possibly Hadera.... The most significant strategic target attacked thus far has been the Beirut airport. While the strikes against runways have shut down operations, none of the radar or control towers were hit. This allows the airport to continue to control international flights over its airspace [not to mention that it leaves the basic airport infrastructure intact--ed]. Similarly, the main ports have not been hit, and with the exception of Hezbollah's broadcasting station, no other targets in Beirut were attacked. The air force has concentrated its attacks against Hezbollah's military installations. The main Shi'ite neighborhoods in the capital, the power plant, and transformers also have not been targeted.."