Kerry to Solve Middle East War.--

Scrappleface reports that John Kerry is going to end the latest Middle East war, which wouldn't have happened if Kerry had been elected President:

Bush Sends Kerry to Solve Israel-Hezbollah War

After learning that the battle between Israel and Hezbollah could have been prevented if Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, had been the U.S. Commander in Chief, President George Bush today dispatched Sen. Kerry to the war-torn region to "get this thing solved."

Sen. Kerry, a career Vietnam veteran, who told a political gathering in Detroit yesterday that "we must destroy Hezbollah" and that the president "has been absent on diplomacy", said he would bring his own brand of "diplomatic destruction" to the terrorist group.

"Senator Kerry's presence and intellect alone should bring a swift end to hostilities," said Mr. Bush, who admitted that he, and the State Department, had "kind of put the Middle East thing on the back burner" while following televised coverage of the Tour de France bicycle race.

In related news, as hostilities along the Lebanon border approached the two-week mark, the crisis was officially added to the list of "bad things that would not have happened during a John Kerry presidency."