Public Service Announcement for Professors and Students Using the Brest, Levinson, Balkin, Amar, & Siegel Constitutional Law Textbook:

This is a public service announcement for those constitutional law professors and students who have had the same problem I am now having with the the excellent textbook by Brest, Levinson, Balkin, Amar, & Siegel - Processes of Constitutional Decisionmaking:

The most recent version of the book (the 2006 5th editions) omits several major recent decisions on federalism, which are also not available in the published supplement. Fortunately, the textbook authors have recently made edited versions of these cases (taken from the now discontinued 2005 Supplement to the book) available on their website here.

Yale Law School professor(and textbook coauthor) Jack Balkin has asked me to make this information available to VC readers, because many professors and students were apparently confused about this, just as I was, and I know that many people fitting that description read this blog.

Thanks to Jack and co-author Sandy Levinson for helping me address this issue quickly and efficiently.