Is Bob Dylan the Sentencing Law and Policy of Music?

So reports Alex Long's [Insert Song Lyrics Here]: The Uses and Misuses of Popular Music Lyrics in Legal Writing. OK, the Sentencing Law and Policy connection is my own, but SL&P is by a huge margin the most-cited blog in court opinions, and by a smaller margin the most-cited in law review articles. (The 3L Epiphany data I cite is limited to citations of law blogs, but I'm assuming that non-law blogs are cited rather more rarely in such legal sources.) Likewise for Bob Dylan:

ArtistNumber of Citations in Legal JournalsNumber of Citations in Judicial OpinionsTotal
1. Bob Dylan16026186
2. The Beatles71374
3. Bruce Springsteen64569
4. Paul Simon51859
5. Woody Guthrie42143
6. Rolling Stones35439
7. Grateful Dead30232
8. Simon & Garfunkel26430
9. Joni Mitchell27128
10. R.E.M.27027

Other artists narrowly missing the cut include Pink Floyd (26), Billy Joel (21), and Johnny Cash (21). The most notable absence, at least in terms of record sales and cultural significance, would be one Mr. Elvis Aron Presley.

Special bonus implication -- we're the Beatles of law blogging, at least when it comes to court opinions and law review articles.