Check out this paper:

My former classmate (now AU prof) Ezra Rosser's paper, "Obligations of Privilege," is now available on SSRN. Here's the abstract:

Little attention is paid to the nature of the high incomes of the rich nor to legal or norm-based obligations the rich owe society. This popular and scholarly inattention reflects the general acceptance of the idea that the rich have earned their high incomes and owe society little. By looking at income equations revealing society's role in high incomes and the obligations of the rich, the Article urges a strengthening of the obligations of the rich and rejects the argument that the legal community ought not consider the moral demands associated with high incomes.

As you can tell, Ezra's views are somewhat at variance with those of the Conspirators and our commenters. Ezra would appreciate it if those who are interested gave it a look and sent him comments. Download it while it's hot!