Federalist Society Lawyer's Division Conference:

It's happening later this week in Washington, D.C., and the lineup is excellent, as always. See here for the details, including registration information. Justice Alito is giving the keynote address (though that may be sold out), with an introduction from Justice Scalia; Dick Cheney is giving the Barbara Olson Memorial Lecture. Other participants include Secretary Chertoff, Solicitor General Paul Clement, Judge Frank Easterbrook, Prof. Richard Epstein, Prof. Charles Fried, and many more -- plus many contributions from people who are on the opposite side from most Federalists on many issues, including (among others) former Clinton Administration Acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger, Yale law professor William Eskridge, Elliot Mincberg from People for the American Way, Jennifer Daskal from Human Rights Watch, and more. I highly recommend it.