Audio of Panel on Presidential Power:
The Federalist Society has posted the audio of the recent faculty symposium panel, "May the President disregard a congressional statute for national security reasons?", featuring John Yoo, Doug Kmiec, Louis Fisher, and co-blogger Ilya Somin.

  Here's a rough breakdown of the appearances (with breaks for Q&A by moderator Doug Kmiec):
Doug Kmiec (0:00 to 11:00).
Louis Fisher (11:00 to 24:30)
John Yoo (30:00 to 43:00)
Ilya Somin (47:00 to 58:00)
Q&A (first with questions by Kmiec, later by the audience) (58:00 to 1:29:00)
  Near the end of the Q&A, I asked a question to John Yoo in response to his presentation. You can hear my question, and his answer, starting at the 1:24:30 mark.