Model Penal Code, Take 2:
Eeeks, let me try that again. It turns out that I accidentally turned off comments on my post seeking feedback from students about the need for a guide to the MPC. Not very helpful, eh? Anyway, feel free to leave a comment here or in the post below; I have just opened up the comments there.

Incidentally, here is an edited version of the comments I received by e-mail after my initial post (with names removed):
1. As a recent law school grad, I could totally benefit from it. Why a book? Why not start a wiki and let a lot of people collaborate?

2. I took Criminal Law last spring and we did a fair amount with the Model Penal code. The book we used was not particularly good in any respect, but I didn't see any particular challenge to learning to work with the MPC. What worked for me was just digging in and closely parsing the statutory language, word by word.

3. I used a book in crim law that was about the equivalent ( and it was fantastic. I don't know of another book, and I imagine there are ways it could be improved.

4. That would be a great book to have, and one I'd add to my shelf.

5. Like the Restatements, they're rather self-explanatory, in my opinion.

6. I think an MPC supplement would be a great idea. Reading the MPC is fine- having it explained (with examples and notes of the oddities) would be superior.