Constitution Party Urges Repeal of 17th Amendment:

I just learned that the Constitution Party has endorsed the repeal of the 17th Amendment as part of its party platform.

Ok, its not much, and I don't know much else about the Constitution Party, but at least there are few other people on my very small bandwagon.


Since I had blogged on this before, I didn't mention my longstanding interest in this this issue, but I noted from the Comments that we have some new readers (which I should have anticipated, of course). I've laid out my views on this in two law review articles here and here.

For those looking for a shorter journalistic read on the issue, two very accessible and useful op-ed surveys of the issue (and my discussion of it) have been provided over the years by Bruce Bartlett and John Dean.

Also, just to make clear--I know very little about the Constitution Party so I can't say much other than that based on a glance at their overall platform they don't seem like my particular cup of tea (other than their position on the 17th Amendment).