Briefs in Scott v. Harris:
As I've mentioned here before, I'm working pro bono on a pending Supreme Court case, Scott v. Harris, set for argument on Monday, February 26th. The case involves a civil action for damages under the Fourth Amenment after a high-speed automobile chase. I'm helping to represent the defendant Deputy Sheriff Timothy Scott, and we recently filed our reply brief. I wanted to post it along with some of the other briefs that were filed in the case.

  I don't have all of the briefs, but here is what I have. First, the merits briefs of the parties:
Brief for Petitioner Scott
Brief for Respondent Harris
Reply Brief for Petitioner Scott
  Next, amicus briefs filed in support of petitioner Scott:
Amicus Brief of United States
Amicus Brief of States
Amicus Brief of City Organizations
  Finally, amicus briefs in support of respondent Harris:
Amicus Brief of ACLU
Amicus Brief of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers