"The City's Police Chief and Police Dog Have Degrees from the Same Online School":

So reports a defense lawyer, according to this AP story:

The city's police chief and police dog have degrees from the same online school, according to a defense lawyer challenging the chief's authority.

The issue gives "one pause, if not paws, for concern" about what it takes to get a degree from the school, based in the Caribbean, Gene Murray wrote Monday in a motion seeking to have the dog introduced as evidence....

Dean Henry, McGuire's lawyer, said the department had the dog before [Chief] McGuire was hired.

"My client had absolutely nothing to do with any animal getting a degree from an institution of higher learning," Henry said. "The whole thing is bizarre." ...

Murray argues that a drug charge against his client should be dismissed because McGuire was not legally employed and had no authority as an officer.

McGuire, hired as chief in this northwest Ohio city a year ago, is to go on trial this month on charges of falsification and tampering with records. A special prosecutor said McGuire lied on his application and resume about his rank, position, duties, responsibilities and salary in three of his previous jobs.

City leaders have said McGuire's hiring was not influenced by his college degree, and any confusion about his background was resolved during interviews....

Thanks to Michael Barclay for the pointer.