Sunday Song Lyric:

I have not listened to much Five for Fighting other than what gets played on the radio, but I found this profile of John Ondrasik, who is Five for Fighting, by John Miller on NRO to be quite interesting. I doubt there are many contemporary songwriters who have written lyrics based upon a lunch with Victor Davis Hanson, nor many band names inspired by hockey rules. ("Five for fighting" is a major penalty in hockey.) He also writes provocative and interesting lyrics. Here's a taste of "Freedom Never Cries" off of the new album:

I saw a man on the TV
In a mask with a gun
A man on the TV
He had a ten-year old son
I saw a man on the TV
His son had a gun
He says that he's coming for me

I never loved the soldier until there was a war
Or thought about tomorrow
'til my baby hit the floor
I only talk to God when somebody's about to die
I Never cherished Freedom

Freedom never cries.

UPDATE: Ondrasik was interviewed on the Glenn & Helen Show back in February.