Kids These Days Have No Morality:

No, wait, it's AARP Magazine, giving advice to its presumably mature readers. From 50 Things You Need to Know by 50:

44. Score a Day Off

Claim back pain. It's an easy injury to get medical documentation for, says Joe L., a workers' comp exec. "There's a 70 percent chance an MRI will show something wrong in your lower back, even if you feel fine."

So the advice is: Get a day off (just for fun, presumably, rather than because you have a genuine medical condition) by (1) lying to your employer, and (2) undergoing an unnecessary medical test, at the expense either of taxpayers or your fellow policy holders. (It's also possible that such tests would slow down service to genuinely ill people, though presumably over time more machines and demand would come available to serve the greater demand, and the long-term effect would just be higher cost.) Lovely.