Congratulations to Meghan Poirier,

the Wake Forest law student who argued and won the Fourth Circuit case I mentioned last week — the one in which the Fourth Circuit reaffirmed felons' right to possess a gun in self-Defense and while delivering it to the police, and therefore set aside a 15-year sentence imposed after the defendant's lawyer wrongly advised the defendant that no such defense exists.

A National Law Journal article reports that Ms. Poirier is "a West Point graduate and now a captain in the U.S. Army who is about to begin training in the Judge Advocate General corps." "[Prof. John] Korzen [who supervised Poirier's brief as part of an appellate advocacy class] said of Poirier, 'She did it all. She did the research and drafting of the briefs. We had three or four practice rounds of oral argument.'" Well done, Captain!