The Martyrdom of Mearsheimer and Walt:

The subject [of their book on the Israel lobby] will certainly prompt furious debate, though not at the Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, a Jewish cultural center in Washington and three organizations in Chicago. They have all turned down or canceled events with the authors, mentioning unease with the controversy or the format.

Those Jews really know how to censor people; can you imagine, for example, that the 6th and I synagogue in D.C. refused Mearsheimer and Walt's request to have a forum to promote their thesis that the "Israel lobby" is endangering America? These Jewish stormtroopers had the temerity to request that any such presentation include an opposing voice! If an anti-Israel propagandist (Mearsheimer) who spoke at a Council for American Islamic Relations event and gleefully sported a "Walt & Mearsheimer Rock. Fight the Israel Lobby" button, can't successfully invite himself to speak unopposed at a synagogue/Jewish cultural center in DC, clearly we have reached the point of no return with regard to freedom of speech.

Shame on the New York Times (Times Select) for covering this non-story, peddled to stimulate sales of the forthcoming Israel Lobby book.

UPDATE: By the way, none of the above-mentioned organizations has invited me to speak about any of my books, even though I'm perfectly willing to appear with critics. Censorship!

FURTHER UPDATE: A related, and very hard-hitting, editorial in the liberal Jewish weekly, The Forward.