Cert Pool Memos from 1986 to 1994 Now Online:
Are you curious about what Supreme Court "cert pool" memos look like? Do you have a favorite former clerk whose pool memos you have always wanted to read? Did you file a cert petition 20 years ago that you still feel was wrongly denied, and do you want to know why? Do you want to read snarky annotations from Blackmun clerks about pool memos written by conservative clerks?

  Now, thanks to lawprof Lee Epstein, you can read as many cert pool memos as you want from the Blackmun archives, covering 1986 to 1994, all in .pdf format. Serious Supreme Court geeks will get a kick out of this, in part because many of the pool memo authors are now familiar names. For example, in the October Term 1993 files you'll find pool memos from co-bloggers Eugene and David P., Solicitor General Paul Clement, DC Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, 10th Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch, and several other big wigs. Thanks to How Appealing for the link.