Fewer Women Seeking Law Degrees:
An interesting story from The National Law Journal:
  Since 2002, the percentage of women in law schools has declined each year, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). Five years ago, women made up 49% of law school enrollment. This year, 46.9% of law school students are women. And while the number of applicants overall has dropped in the past two years, the percentage decline in the number of women has been greater.
  Although observers say a variety of factors contributed to the dip, the prevailing message is that fewer women want a lawyer's life.
  The decrease comes at a time when the earning power of women in their 20s is outpacing men of the same age, at least in several major U.S. metropolitan areas. According to research from Department of Sociology at Queens College in New York, women in their 20s in Dallas, for example, earn 20% more than men of the same age. In New York, they earn 17% more.
Thanks to Jennifer Collins for the link.