Raging Kegger With the Justices:
One of the themes of the recent books on the Supreme Court is that the Justices are actual human beings. In case you still don't believe it, don't miss C-SPAN's coverage of the party Armstrong Williams hosted for Justice Thomas to celebrate his new book (51 minutes). Most of the Justices attended, several with their spouses. They were joined by the likes of the Cheneys, Senators Specter and Graham, Michael Chertoff, John Bolton, Ted Olson, and Julian Bond. C-SPAN's cameras missed RBG's keg stand and the SGB/AMK round of beer pong (a long-running rivalry), but they did capture a lot of the Justices hanging out and chatting just like actual people. Even Justice Souter makes an appearance, around the 13 minute mark. Plus you get to hear lots of the trademark Justice Thomas laugh. Surprisingly entertaining to watch.

Thanks to Howard for the link.