The UN Needs another Member:

On today's Tech Central Station, Mike Krause and I argue for Taiwan's legal right to membership in the United Nations. We also strongly criticize Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for violating the UN Charter in his treatment of the Taiwan application, and thereby arrogating for himself a power that the Charter specifically reserves to the Security Council, and not to the Secretariant.

BTW, the TCS version of our article does not include thelinks which we had included. VC readers will have no trouble finding for themselves most of the documents we talk about (e.g., the Shanghai Communiqué, the Montevideo Convention, the UN Charter). But there are a few important exceptions. First, the Taiwan polling on self-determination is here. (The questions were not perfectly neutral in phrasing, but I think the general direction of the results is accurate.) The polling on whether the people of Taiwan consider themselves Chinese is here. The link for "As the delegations of several nations pointed out to the General Assembly in September..." is here, a summary of a U.N. General Assembly committee's discussion of a proposal by some members to urge the Security Council to consider Taiwan membership. And the fact that China, historically, only claimed sovereignty over all of Taiwan for a 17 year period in the 19th century is here, a VC post I wrote last year.