Sled Police with Radar Guns?:
Instapundit offers up the following post:
SLED POLICE — with radar guns. I agree with the commenter who says, "When cops start this kinda thing, it's time to start laying them off. They have way too much time on their hands."
It would be pretty remarkable if cops were actually using radar guns to try to "catch" kids sledding too fast. As I read the underlying story, though, I don't think that's happening. It seems that the "injury and prevention manager" at the local Children's Hospital is trying to get kids to wear helmets when sledding. To dramatize the issue, she convinced a local cop to use his radar gun to show the local newspaper how fast kids were sledding down a hill. So it seems that it was a staged event to make for a better story, not a case of police actually trying to catch "speeding sledders." (A point I make not to defend the story, but rather just to point out that it's pretty different from what some readers may think.)

  UPDATE: Glenn adds to his original post: "Orin Kerr thinks my provocative headline is misleading. I guess he's right, though I saw the story as evidence of creeping nanny-statism, likely to produce a slippery slope leading to mandatory helmet laws, actual speed limits, etc. Plus, who didn't know that sleds can go 19 miles per hour, roughly as fast as a man can run? This seems to be how most of the commenters at Don Surber's blog, linked above, saw it too. We've been down that slippery slope in plenty of other areas, and we didn't need a sled to do it. But to the extent my pithiness was misleading, I apologize." I agree with Glenn that it was strange to have a police officer confirm the speed of sleds; high speed is the whole point, and there was no need for a radar gun to prove it.