Westlaw's "CRIMPROC" Database:
I blogged a few days ago about the publication of the new edition of LaFave, Israel, King & Kerr's Criminal Procedure treatise, in 7 exciting volumes for sale at $689.50. While that's great for law libraries, a much more useful alternative for most of us is the CRIMPROC database on Westlaw. CRIMPROC is a Westlaw database devoted entirely to this treatise; the whole enchilada is there, and it's all that's there. I've found that researching criminal procedure questions in CRIMPROC is really helpful, as you can enter in a keyword or two (or any other Westlaw query) and quickly get to the treatise's discussion of the topic you need. The new third edition is already online; my own contribution is the new Chapter 4, "Network Surveillance."

  Of course, this doesn't help you if you don't have access to Westlaw. But I did want to flag the database for readers who have Westlaw access and might not know they already have access to the new treatise.