Speaking of Fraudulent Arguments:

Daniel Davies at Crooked Timber: "In general, I just don't agree with Tyler [Cowen]'s implicit view that there's something illegitimate about making your case forcefully and not giving the kid gloves treatment to people who try to push weak, uninformed or fraudulent arguments against it."

In 2006, Davies falsely claimed in the Comments section on the Crooked Timber site that after they were originally published, I (or someone else) "substantially edited" "lots" of my posts regarding the Qana incident in the Israel-Hezbollah War to cover up how "laughable and disgusting" they were in their original form. I sent him two email messages letting him know that this accusation was false, that NONE of these posts had been edited as he stated, and asking him to retract it. When no response was forthcoming, I I noted the accusation and its falsity on this blog. I still received no public or private apology or retraction, or even acknowledgment of the error.

Please keep this in mind next time you read Davies expressing outrage at others' purported "weak, uninformed, or fraudulent arguments."

Yes, I am still offended that someone would publish a lie about me and then not retract it when called on it. Wouldn't you be?