Voting for McCain Tomorrow:

It's been hard for me to choose, but I've decided to vote for John McCain in tomorrow's California primary.

I'd vote for either of the Republican candidates in November, and I have some reservations about both. Still, I think that McCain is likely to be very good on defense and on spending, and I think he's eminently electable (not the only criterion, but a very important one). I'm also moved by the views of many lawyers and scholars I know and respect as serious conservatives — such as Ted Olson, Miguel Estrada, John McGinnis, and Stephen Calabresi — whose support suggests that McCain will do a very good job on judicial appointments. I'm also glad to be in the good company of my cobloggers Orin and Dale.

This having been said, I disagree with McCain about restrictions on campaign-related speech, and I'm uncomfortable with his occasional streak of economic populism. But the fact is that no Republican candidate is likely to be a perfect match for my views; and I think that on balance he's the one I'd prefer as my party's candidate this November. So that's one reporter's opinion. We'll see what others think tomorrow, and during the rest of the campaign.

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