The Mughniyah Assassination:

This interesting analysis raises three possibilities regarding Syrian involvement in the assassination of Hezbollah terrorist chief Mughniyah in Damascus: (1) Syria was the perpetrator, as part of a deal with the U.S., or at least an attempt to get in the U.S.'s good graces; (2) Someone else, most likely Israel, did it, and Syria was knowingly harboring America's second most wanted terrorist after Osama Bin Laden, which will lead to grave tensions with the U.S.; (3) Someone else, most likely Israel, did it, but the Syrian government wasn't aware that Mughniyah was there, meaning that "Assad's rule is so weak that terror groups can establish a base there, compelling the U.S. to take preventive steps." One way or another, it's likely to be a momentous event in Syrian-U.S. relations.