Accidental Death Dangers for Young Children (Age 1 to 7):

A discussion with some parents led me to look into this, using the CDC's invaluable WISQARS application. I looked at accidental death dangers for young children, age 1 to 7, over the span 2001 to 2005; do not assume that this extrapolates well to older children, but run your own queries instead. Here are the results:

Cause of accidental deathRate per 100,000 children age 1 to 7
Car accident, child passenger in car1.3 to 2.2
Hit by car while walking1.3
Fire (not including house fire)1.2
House fire1.1
"Unintentional struck by or against"0.1

If you want to figure out the total numbers per year, multiply each number by 250 (since there are roughly 25 million children age 1 to 7 in the country). But the rate per 100,000 is of course more useful.