"The Explanations Simply Do Not Explain":

My colleague Stephen Bainbridge asks, about Pepperdine constitutional law professor Doug Kmiec, "Seriously, how do you flip from Romney to Obama?" Bainbridge can't see a good answer to that. More:

When he was still on board the Romney campaign, Kmiec wrote that:

Mitt Romney is pledged to name to the Supreme Court individuals with the intellectual qualities and philosophy of judicial restraint of Justice Scalia, Alito, and Roberts.

In Barack Obama's brief stint in the Senate, he had the opportunity to vote on both Roberts and Alito's nominations. He voted no on both. How do you go from supporting a candidate pledged to appoint judges like Roberts and Alito to backing one who voted against them?

Finally, in the same NRO column, Kmiec explained why he favored Romney over Giuliani by noting that "we cannot afford a president who is only faking his attachment to conservative legal principle." But Obama has no such attachment, real or faked!