Citizen Gives Cop A Parking Ticket:
Here's one from the "man bites dog" department, arising out of Portland, Oregon:
  An attorney who watched a police officer park illegally in front of a restaurant, then wait around while his meal was prepared, issued the officer a series of citizen-initiated violations.
  Eric Bryant said he was sitting at the restaurant March 7 when Officer Chad Stensgaard parked his patrol car next to a no-parking sign and walked inside to wait for his food, the Portland Mercury reported Thursday.
  Bryant told the weekly paper that when he asked Stensgaard about his car, the officer asked Bryant, "If someone broke into your house, would you rather have the police be able to park in front of your house or have to park three blocks away and walk there?
  Bryant filed a complaint as a private citizen alleging several violations, including illegal parking and illegal operation of an emergency vehicle.
  Stensgaard was issued a summons to appear in traffic court in May. The fines could total $540. . . .
  Cathe Kent, a spokeswoman for the Portland Police Bureau, said Stensgaard would fight the complaint in court, "as he rightfully should."
Lawyers at their best or lawyers at their worst? You decide.

  UPDATE: Commenter "ShoudBeStudying" brings up an excellent point:
I wonder if the cop actually said (or meant to say) something a bit different: "If I had to respond to a robbery call at your house, wouldn't you rather my squad car be right here (in front of the restaurant), where I can hop into it in a matter of seconds, rather than three blocks away?"
I'll bet that's right. Keep in mind that all we have is the statement of Bryant, the complainant, who is reporting what he heard.