The Tragedy of the Stupid Nerd:

Amber Taylor writes:

Is there anything more pathetic than a stupid nerd? Even our largely anti-intellectual society grudgingly makes room for the geeky genius. His awkwardness is offset by his keen intelligence. He has role models in the sciences, letters, and film. His academic triumphs balance out those of the jocks on the sports field. But the outcast of outcasts is the stupid nerd. A failure at the very things that are emblematic of his adolescent tribe, the dumb nerd is every man's goat.

Back in high school, I developed the theory that the people at the very bottom of the school social hierarchy are those who act like nerds even though they don't have much academic or intellectual ability. They, not the intelligent nerds supposedly oppressed by jocks, are the true underclass of the high school world. Whereas smart nerds derive at least some prestige and acceptance from their intellectual achievements, the relatively dumb ones suffer all the costs of being perceived as nerds without any of the benefits. It's interesting that Amber has independently arrived at the same conclusion.

Stupid nerds of the world, despair. You probably won't lose your chains even if you somehow manage to unite!

NOTE: As Amber points out in her post, "stupid nerd" might be seen as a contradiction in terms. However, I use the term to indicate a person who acts "weird" in a nerdy way even though he isn't actually unusually smart or intellectual.

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