Peter Spiro, Guest-Blogging:

I'm delighted to report that Prof. Peter Spiro (Temple) will be guest-blogging here this week. Prof. Spiro has written extensively on constitutional law and international law, for instance in Treaties, International Law and Constitutional Rights, 55 Stanford Law Review 1999 (2003), and Globalization and the (Foreign Affairs) Constitution, 63 Ohio State Law Journal 649 (2002). His new book, Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization, has just been published by the Oxford University Press; Prof. Spiro will be blogging mostly about the matters he discusses in this book.

I expect there'll be much in his posts with which I'll disagree (see here, for instance, for a hint of some of the differences between Prof. Spiro's worldview and mine). But I'm sure the posts will be very interesting, both to me and to our readers.