Robert Novak Says McCain Might Appoint "Moderate" Justices:

From CNSNews:

If Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is elected president, he might find it difficult to move a conservative Supreme Court nominee through the U.S. Senate, according to columnist Robert Novak. Novak was speaking in response to a question from Cybercast News Service at conservative event in Trenton, N.J., last Friday.

At the "Defending the American Dream Summit" organized by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Novak -- a long-time Washington political reporter and conservative commentator -- painted a bleak political landscape for the Republican Party and conservatives in the near term.

Novak, the featured speaker at the event, predicted that the GOP will lose four seats in the Senate. As a result, said Novak, a President McCain will be "strongly tempted" to refrain from selecting a Supreme Court nominee such as Chief Justice John Roberts or Associate Justice Samuel Alito.

Instead, McCain might settle on a nominee more like Anthony Kennedy, often the swing vote on the current court and who is viewed as more moderate than either of President Bush's nominees, said Novak.

Via Fidelis (which wants John Cornyn or Edith Jones).